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Customer Feedback

Defense Attorney, Dallas, TX

When I need a job analysis performed, I call E. Hartman & Associates, Inc. Over the past five years, E. Hartman & Associates, Inc. has become part of a team used to investigate and determine what the functions of a particular job entail, and whether the job duties are traumatically repetitive. Her analysis is used in determining compensability of occupational disease claims involving allegations of repetitive trauma injuries.

In addition, I have utilized the Hartman team’s talents for occupational case management to assist injured workers to find employment. Evelyn Hartman and her team have excellent credentials, experience and training in the specialty area of job analysis and employment, and are familiar with industry standards. They have been certified as an experts on job analysis in both administrative hearings and court cases. They have extensive knowledge of current studies and trends in their field.

They understand the litigation process and make a persuasive witnesses. To sum it up, the opinions of E. Hartman & Associates Inc. are well-reasoned and credible. E. Hartman & Associates, Inc. has been a valuable asset for our firm in defending and investigating compensability issues in workers’ compensation claims.

I handle worker's compensation claims for several employers in the state of Texas. I have utilized E. Hartman and Associates for job analysis and ergonomic studies. This firm has helped me reduce cost for my clients by simply determining if the jobs are repetitive in nature.

Evelyn and her associates will testify at hearings on what their reports mean and how they come to their conclusions. I can honestly say that when I file a dispute based on one of Evelyn's reports and we go to hearing I expect to prevail. Evelyn and her associates are credible expert witnesses.

One of my clients used to have nothing but repetitive injury claims, but since we have used E. Hartman and Associates and found that this employer's jobs are not traumatically repetitive the employer has saved thousands of dollars. When a carpal tunnel claim can be as much as $30k-$35k per claim this is great cost saving for the employer.

LB, W/C Adjuster, TPA Dallas, TX

As a Trust Administrator for Special Needs Trusts - which are complicated and require a lot of time, attention and knowledge of government programs, i.e. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare - I have retained E. Hartman & Associates, Inc. as consultants with the beneficiaries.

Their expertise and guidance has made my job easier.  I am not an expert in government programs however I can best serve the client by incorporating the E. Hartman case management team to provide the services to assist me in administering the Special Needs Trusts the way there were intended to be administered.

A. Nelson Dallas, TX

As attorneys representing severely injured people in jury trials, we believe that our retained experts must be honest. We can count on Evelyn Hartman to give realistic and supportable opinions regarding our client’s employment prospects. We feel comfortable hiring Ms. Hartman because we know that she will effectively communicate her opinions without losing credibility.

Plaintiff attorney Lubbock, TX

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